Mobile Privacy: The New Brand Builder?


Our smartphones are basically a limb. Just how attached are we? About 46% of smartphone users say their device is something they couldn’t live without.

We love our devices deeply. Mobile phones also provide incredible opportunity (and risk) for advertisers. It’s important for content marketers to understand that the way they use mobile data can either build up, or break down, their brand relationships.

Here are three ways to build your brand with privacy matters in mind.

1. Brands are built on relationships. Not data.
Why is mobile a preferred channel for marketers? It allows us to capitalize on consumer activity in real time. We use location, social, and search data to reach consumers. But we should proceed with caution. Because whenever we send spammy emails or texts—no matter how timely—we can upset our consumers. Careless content damages brand relationships.

2. Ad blockers keep content marketers honest.
Ad blockers are popular for one reason: Advertisers abuse consumer data. As advertisers continue to intrude, and our lack of privacy becomes our new normal, ad blockers give consumers a powerful way to self-regulate. And that’s a good thing. Because there’s a lot of noise out there.

To win in our mobile world, marketers must develop the type of content that consumers seek out—on purpose. Learn how to hire great content writers and it will be the best thing you do for your brand.

3. Privacy is the new brand builder.
As marketers, we should give our consumers options to select how and when their data is used. How often do they want to receive an email from your brand? When are they interested in receiving text messages? Do you make it as easy to opt-out as you do to opt-in? Brands that put tools in place that protect consumer data will build trust. And win hearts.

Respect the privacy of your consumers and the intimacy of the mobile channel by creating content that makes a useful connection. It will go a long way toward making sure that every brand interaction works in your favor. Promise.

What do you think about privacy in mobile? Should it matter to marketers who want to create effective content? 


3 thoughts on “Mobile Privacy: The New Brand Builder?

  1. I’m glad to see that marketers are making an effort to maintain privacy in mobile. I especially enjoyed reading the bit about ad blockers, as I’ve been observing more and more that pages, either on desktop or mobile are losing space for quality content and becoming a merely ad mad house. Because our phones have a small screen, marketers need to act carefully not to spam our browsers and apps with many ads, or they will be presented with a bounce out from the page. Hopefully, in the future, we will have a more pleasant way to advertise other than a million banner ads on our faces. From your post, I can see that the effort is being made. Thanks for sharing!


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