Reading Between the Lines

Words matter. Finding the right word matters even more. That’s why I love the delete key. I can type and retype to my heart’s content. (Or until my deadline hits.) The great Leonardo da Vinci said, “Art is never finished. Only abandoned.” And I’m pretty sure he was talking about the art of copywriting. To craft … Continue reading Reading Between the Lines

What Madison Ave Learns from Motion Pictures

  Advertising and acting are cut from the same creative cloth. The goal is the same: Get inside the minds and hearts of an intended audience. Storyboarding is another advertising practice taken from the motion pictures industry. Lights. Camera. Persuasion. The storyboard is a combination of visual direction, script, and audio. In this format, stories can … Continue reading What Madison Ave Learns from Motion Pictures

How to Inspire the Creative Mind

How do you get into the creative frame of mind? Are you inspired by facts? Visuals? Music? Stories? Surroundings? Snacks? Mmm snacks.  If you’re in advertising, you indulge in the creative brief your wonderful account planning team poured their research-intensive hearts into. The core purpose of any brief is to inspire the team to make a … Continue reading How to Inspire the Creative Mind

The Power of the Pitch

The goal of an agency pitch is to ooo and ahhh the client. But how? Do you make the logo bigger? Not quite. You captivate the client the same way you engage the customer.  You tell a story. The magic is not in the product. (My apologies, Mr. Bernbach.) The magic is in the story. … Continue reading The Power of the Pitch