Godvertising: Actions Speak Louder

Everything has a bdo-something-today-that-your-future-self-will-thank-you-forrand—even a church. If you ask me, Christianity in America could use a brand refresh. Many millennials are leaving the church. But others aren’t giving up so easily, they’re challenging it to reform.

And I like a challenge.

While brainstorming ideas for a video script for Northland Church, I kept coming back to this: Church is not a building. Check-out-the-script-here and let me know what you think.


2 thoughts on “Godvertising: Actions Speak Louder

  1. Laura – great script. I agree as well that people are leaving church – the physical aspect. Good people do good things all the time. And they may not go to church. I miss the old days of going to church with my family when I was little. With technology all around us, churches need to reinvent the meaning of “go to church”.



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