Italian by heritage. Copywriter by addiction.
If there’s one thing my copywriting career has taught me over the last 10 years, it’s this: change is constant. One of the reasons I love copywriting so much is because it provides an opportunity to always learn. This blog is for grad school and will focus on the study of emerging media.

What’s in my portfolio?
Lowe’s. BMW. Verizon Wireless. Universal Studios Orlando. Coca-Cola Enterprises. Prudential. Europa Sports. Boston University. University of Southern California. University of Florida. (And a few more.)

Copywriting is more than writing copy.
Today, copywriters must take into account user experience, keywords, character counts, responsive design, integrated media channels, shareability, scanability, scalability, optimization, analytics; and for the love of all that’s copy-holy, copywriters must hail to the almighty Google.

Content is not the future of marketing.
It is marketing. In fact, content is essential to all aspects of the media landscape—from PPC to PR and SEM to SEO. For content to have a maximum impact, it has to be integrated.

What will happen next in the digital landscape?
Who knows! But let’s explore it together. It will be fun. Promise.



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