As Our Digital World Turns…

The focus of this blog is on the changing winds of emerging media. There’s only one way to kick it off. Let’s pay homage to the emergence of the medium that changed it all…

Hello, Internet
Can you believe the World Wide Web is over a quarter of a century old? According to this national survey conducted by Pew Research, 90% of Internet users believe the Internet has been a good thing for them personally.

Would you agree?

Like it or not, the Internet transformed every aspect of our world. But it’s today’s universal embrace of mobile tech that’s becoming the primary driver of our digital lives.

Pinky Finger < Mobile Phone
Our mobile phones are an extension of our body. They’re always in our hands, pressed up against our ears, or tucked safely in our pockets. Get this: According to a recent Cisco Study, adolescents would rather give up their pinky finger than their mobile phone. #KidsTheseDays

But are adults any better?

Think about how many times we check in with our social networks on a daily basis. Now, consider how many people you regularly touch base with – offline. The inbox is where we typically start and finish our days. Most of us wouldn’t dare leave the house without our smartphone. (Guilty.)

Life’s Digital Moments
Emerging media is connecting us to family, friends, and knowledge—one post, one search, one text at a time. Google refers to this mobile shift in consumer behavior as “micro-moments.”

Watch This:

What are the universal rules of marketing in our digital world?
Going forward, this blog will explore trends in emerging media and their digital impact in an integrated marketing campaign. As I start this online learning journey, I can’t help but wonder about the basic guidelines for content marketing in an ever-changing media landscape. I will update this list frequently. But, for now, here’s what (I think) I know:

  • Don’t get too comfortable with any one platform. It could disappear from the limelight tomorrow, sort of like Shia LabBeouf’s credibility in Hollywood.
  • Be authentic or your content will be shunned as (gasp!) advertising.
  • Eat, sleep, and breathe the brand’s values, so you can tailor the conversation across many channels without losing the brand’s voice.
  • Be interesting or be ignored.

What would you add as a universal rule? I would love to know. Share in the comments below.

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