Is Twitter The Road to Nowhere?

Road to Nowhere

Let’s talk Twitter. Millions of people love to use this social media platform. I am not one of them. I joined Twitter in October 2011 when I started blogging for Modern Parent. I have 4 tweets to my name at the time of this post.

Do you have a heart for Twitter?
Recently, Twitter revealed that it’s changing its icons from “stars” to “hearts.” What’s up with the switch-a-roo? Apparently, the stars confused new users. Product Manager Akarshan Kumar explains to Mashable, “The change is meant to make Twitter easier and more rewarding to use.”

If something as simple as a star confuses us, then where do we go if we want to know how to use Twitter for business? Where’s that user manual? Oh. It’s right here. (Thank you, Mashable.) To be fair, Twitter also offers a helping hand.

Does advertising on Twitter even work?
Metrics matter to marketers. Because we have bosses and budgets and egos. Within any integrated marketing campaign, every channel must prove its value, especially in today’s age of ad blockers. According to the platform’s own data and this Ad Age article, people who see a promoted tweet are 1.4 times more likely to do things on a brand’s site like add a product to a shopping cart or actually buy the product than those people who don’t see the ad on Twitter. Big whoop.

Seriously, what good is Twitter?
We live in the sharing economy. And sharing is caring. (At least that’s what I teach my four-year-old.) But is it true when it comes to social media? Frankly, I think people share without reading. We’re a nation of headline readers. Yet there’s this perception out there that Twitter drives tons of traffic and buzz back to your site.

Hmmm. Does it really?

Let’s Put Twitter to the Traffic Test
Let’s face it: Twitter is great for getting people to read your posts on, well, Twitter. But is Twitter a conduit for driving traffic to your website? From my outsider perspective, the Twitter feed functions less like a gateway for outbound links and more like the new endless scrolling home page that nobody cares to leave. There’s only one way to find out if Twitter is the information highway to nowhere…I’m giving Twitter a second chance. Prove me wrong, world.

Now what?
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4 thoughts on “Is Twitter The Road to Nowhere?

  1. I have found Twitter to be useful for both work and on a personal level. For instance, last year one of our media relations specialists at Akron Children’s Hospital live tweeted a photo of mono mono twins right after birth. This photo went viral because it appeared like they were holding hands. See for yourself here: Every major national – and even international – news outlets picked it up. And it all started with a tweeted image. Even Matt Lauer mentioned it on the Today Show when they interviewed the parents and neonatologist.

    I have also found Twitter useful in building connections via my WVU tailgating blog. Opposing fans who are making the trip to Morgantown for a game tweet questions at me, such as where to go, what to do, etc.

    Other brands, such as Whole Foods, have also found Twitter to be an exceptionally effective tool at customer dialogue and support. They consider customer service to be their No. 1 focus on Twitter.


    1. Hi Andy,

      Thanks for the comment! I am a (new) believer in Twitter. Still trying to get the hang of it! Thanks for sharing your experience with the platform. It is exciting.


  2. Laura –

    Twitter is a powerhouse in social media and I do not believe it is a road to nowhere, I believe it can become very prosperous and is an important social media platform. I will admit (as I did to Bridget in one of her posts) I am not an avid Twitter user, but I need to be better. It is a wonderful platform and can become an important tool for both networking and building trust amongst consumers. Twitter allows consumers and users make persona interactions with trusted brands, celebrities and other companies, etc.

    I agree when it comes to companies using this as a customer service tool as Andrea stated. Look at the airlines for instance. JetBlue and Southwest prove to be dominate in the airline and travel industry where Starbucks thrives for food service. All strong brands active on Twitter who’s business is booming by using this unique platform to convey a message in under 140 characters.

    Glad you are giving Twitter a second chance, I am trying to get more involved myself! Feel free to follow me @KDBDesignLLC! Cheers!

    – Kels


    1. Hi Kelsey,

      Thanks for the comment. Twitter has been very kind to me over the last few weeks. I am a believer! Now, if I could just figure out how to use it. Baby steps.



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