[Infographic] Stuff Content Marketers Should Know for Smart SEOing

Legendary mad men Bill Bernbach revolutionized the ad industry in the 1940s. How? By devising art-copy teams. Today, we need to arrange a different type of marketing marriage. Now, more than ever, content writers and SEO specialists should be best buds. So, what’s the problem?

Why Content Marketing and SEO Should Get Together 
Here’s the thing: SEO Analysts and Content Marketers often work in different areas of an organization. The content team usually resides within the creative department. And SEO hangs out with those metric-loving media folks. But you can’t have great content without the savvy of SEO backing you up. Likewise you can’t have stellar SEO results without epic content.

It’s time for SEO to breakup with media. And writers to move on from their vintage-clad designers. (Sorry, Bill.)

Content + SEO

Better Hurry If You Want to Win the SEO Race
Content marketers must write with purpose, especially now that our attention spans are shorter than that of a goldfish, clocking in at 8 seconds. People are impatient. Speed matters. Test your site with Google PageSpeed Insights to see how your site loads. Google favors sites that deliver quality—quickly and securely.

Tag, You’re It!
If you do nothing else to optimize your content, do this: Make sure to implement your keywords within the most critical SEO elements on the page (page title, meta description, H1, and subheads).

Before you go…
I’m curious. How do your SEO and Content Marketing teams work together? Share your experiences in the comments. If you’re new to SEO or content marketing, drop me a line. I’m happy to help.

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