3 Rules for Hiring Content Marketing Copywriters Like a Boss


They say rules are meant to be broken.
Well, “they” never hired anyone.

The hiring process is no joke. I know this because I spent the last three weeks scanning and sorting and Google-doc-organizing dozens of resumes. I have been clicking and scrolling and clicking and scrolling through digital portfolios. But mostly what I have been doing is crying on the inside.

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[Infographic] 5 Trends Driving Digital Media

Thanks to social media and the www it’s never been easier for marketers to reach an audience. Take a look at this infographic and dive in to five digital media trends that are shaping consumer behavior. Why check out this infographic? Because data like this is what makes now an incredible time to be a marketer.

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Will Ad Blockers Kill Advertising?

Internet advertising is a key player in any integrated marketing communications campaign. Sometimes emerging media, such as the rising tide of ad blocker apps, have a negative impact in the marketing world.

Content isn’t free without advertising.
Hence, YouTube just launched YouTube Red, a $9.99-per-month subscription service that removes advertising. Clearly, it’s an effort to counter the growing adblock trend. And it’s just the beginning.

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